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Since it opened its doors in Rustenburg in 2007,The Platinum Incubator has mentored and assisted 135 talented young people from previously-disadvantaged backgrounds to realise their dream of becoming jewellery designers and manufacturers.
We do this by facilitating access to materials, equipment and machinery, and by providing a support network for budding entrepreneurs.

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A One-Stop Platinum innovation Shop

South Africa’s platinum mines produce 70%* of the world’s primary produced platinum, provide direct employment to some 136 000 people (or 26% of all mine employees) and are the second largest export revenue generator (after gold) for South Africa.The industry is currently under considerable pressure, with subdued growth resulting in stagnant employment opportunities. It is therefore imperative that we invest in developing innovative uses for PGMs to boost demand and create a robust local economy in downstream bene ciation of PGMs.

The Platinum Incubator is ideally placed to promote active economic participation by a cross section of South Africans using PGMs as raw material in products that can be produced and sold locally and internationally, thereby supporting the strategic intent expressed by the Department of Minerals’ Bene ciation Strategy for the Minerals Industry of South Africa (2011) as well as the Department of Trade and Industry’s Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP).


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